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Luca Dal Vignale, Madeleine Wermenbol, Jesse Willems

23 September - 28 October 2023

Friday & Saturday 2 to 7 pm

Thursday and Sunday on appointment



Saturday 23 September 2023, 3 to 6 pm

Friday 27 October 2023, 2 to 9 pm

with performance 852Hz (and counting) by Bodo from 6 to 9 pm


Saturday 28 October 2023, 2 to 7 pm

Luca Dal Vignale studied at the Academies of Fine Art in Carrara, Brussels and Antwerp. After experimenting with different materials and mediums, such as textile, sculpture, and video, he recently started again to paint. In our expo 16, we present several of his large-scale oils on canvas, as well as smaller paintings and works on paper.

In the past few years, Madeleine Wermenbol has been working with various threads and weaving techniques to create a stunning array of wall hangings and 3D-objects. The selection we present at ZEIT includes some multi-layered textile works in a mix of bold and delicate colours, plus three wall sculptures representing birds.

Leading up to the summer of 2022, Jesse Willems immersed the gallery in an Italian atmosphere during our LIDO show. For RESET, he presents five new works in his familiar collage style, including two large format pieces. They, like the postwar works by Pol Mara and Jo Delahaut that we are hanging to complement the contemporary work, provide serene moments in our expo 16.

Includes works by:


Filip Collin, Dimitrih Correa, Luca Dal Vignale, Victor Delafontaine, Jo Delahaut, Floris Jespers, Ibram Lassaw, Walter Leblanc, Jules Lismonde, Pol Mara, Jef Meyer, Otto Piene, Gilbert Swimberghe, Guy Vandenbranden, Kees van de Wal, Kaat Van Doren, Madeleine Wermenbol, Jesse Willems

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