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Harvey Bouterse, Wou
ter Hoste

24 November - 17 December 2023

Friday & Saturday 2 to 7 pm

Sunday 2 to 5 pm

and on appointment



Friday 24 November 2023, 5 to 9 pm


Sunday 17 December 2023, 2 to 5 pm

Wouter Harvey is an Antwerp-based artist duo with a background in fashion. For many years now, they have devoted almost every spare moment to their ceramics practice. In the former Perignem workshop near Bruges, they tirelessly create exceptional pieces, each in their distinctive style.

Wouter Hoste’s oeuvre is inspired by life in its many forms, ranging from amoebas, insects and mammals to humankind, and even extending to the realm of extraterrestrial life. Technology and science, and the way they evolve, serve as crucial sources of inspiration, culminating in scientific imaging and its fantasy version: science fiction.
The theme of Wouter’s contribution to the forthcoming exhibition at ZEIT is Technofossils – ‘fossils’ of human origin, whether organic, semi-organic or mechanical – and the merging of organic and technological elements that leads to the creation of humanoids. The impact of our species on our Earth is unprecedented. It's about the post-Anthropocene era. He wonders how future terrestrial – or extraterrestrial – civilisations will look at our archaeological footprint. Will our legacy, in due time, be seen as waste matter or significant artefacts? Wouter's objective is to pose an open-ended question about the future instead of propagating a pessimistic outlook. All's well that ends well?

When asked to explain his approach, Harvey Bouterse immediately mentions his quest for purity. A term that he does not associate with a desire for minimalism but with clarifying lines in order to return to pure volumes, exuding only essential characteristics.
Bound by heritage, his bold and radical creations demonstrate a straightforward and assumed trait, somewhere between realism and abstraction. The peculiarity of his modus operandi lies in his ability to craft evocative narratives. As far as the creative process is concerned, he rejects the notion of rules, allowing disciplines to merge. He composes according to his wishes. It's a game of resonance that highlights all the beauty and poetry of his universe.

Please note that the Wouter Harvey exhibition will run for four weekends only, with slightly modified opening hours: Friday and Saturday from 2 to 7 pm, and Sunday from 2 to 5 pm

Includes works by:


Harvey Bouterse, Georges Collignon, Wouter Hoste, Walter Leblanc, Pol Mara, Jef Van Tuerenhout

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