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Filip Collin, Run with the roses, neon sculpture, 2022_edited.png

see me / feel me / touch me

Nienke Baeckelandt, Filip Collin, Fiona Koene, Jef Meyer

To coincide with the welcome return of Art Brussels, ZEIT pops up in the capital with see me / feel me / touch me, a show in collaboration with Brussels-based communication agency indiandribble, presenting four young artists dear to the gallery who have each adopted some very specific mediums to work with.


Nienke Baeckelandt was one of the guests of honour in our recent fade away / radiate exhibition. Using nearly invisible materials such as glass, ice and spray paint, her work is very much about appearing and disappearing. Her latest creations in epoxy are no exception to that rule.


Filip Collin has proved before that he knows how to utilize plexiglass and neon for maximum effect. In Brussels he presents new pieces in which he combines these two exciting materials in spectacular light boxes.


Fiona Koene lives and works in Utrecht and has been included in shows at ZEIT at several occasions. Her delicate works, blind embossed on fine art paper, play with the tension between shape and residual shape. The qualities we appreciate most in Fiona's work: a well-balanced composition, meticulously executed and perfectly framed. 

Jef Meyer is best known for his works in concrete. In this show he brings recent creations, brutal in appearance yet uncanny in their illusive softness. The substance breaths solidity and strength but still reveals its underlying brittle nature.

You will find us on the ground floor of Le Saillant de l’Yser, the beautiful apartment building opposite KANAL – Centre Pompidou on square Sainctelette, just a short walk from the Tour & Taxis site.



ZEIT x indiandribble

Square Sainctelette 5
1000 Brussels


27 April 2022, 7 to 10 pm



28, 29, 30 April & 1 May 2022, 2 to 8 pm

From 2 to 21 May on appointment

ZEIT off-site, installation view.jpg
Nienke Baeckelandt, Liquido, epoxy, 2022
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