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Nienke Baeckelandt, Filip Collin, Juliet Jespers, Thibeau Scarcériaux

26 January - 9 March 2024

Friday & Saturday 2 to 7 pm

and on appointment



Friday 26 January 2024, 6 to 9 pm, during Borger


Saturday 9 March 2024, 2 to 7 pm

Nienke Baeckelandt (b. 1989, Ostend, based in Antwerp) seeks the field of tension between intuition and control. Her works are always the result of "concentrations" or "intensities" of a snapshot. Site-specific installations and sculptures subtly play with the viewer's perception. She draws attention to hidden colours, objects or concepts. Areas of colour visible only from a specific point of view, fused transparent objects and light-coloured shadows. Current media and new technologies encourage that images should be consumed at a glance. Baeckelandt's images, on the other hand, encourage a slowing down.

Filip Collin (b. 1987) is a visual artist living and working in Antwerp, Belgium. Shifting between drawings, paper collages, neon light and plexiglass sculptures, he develops a playful and immersive body of work with a paramount focal point: shape and colour. Rarely addressing his method or his subjects, Collin rather invites. One can only speculate on his work’s themes by reading his titles, elusive yet forthright: a “petal” or a “thief” here, a “cabbage” or a “lily” there. Through cut-outs and rearrangements, a subject in front of him or a specific memory will become a line, a shape, or a constellation of them. Collin’s reduced thus abstract compositions seem to highlight details, perhaps even becoming “non-subjects”. Try to zoom in on a still life painted by an old master until you give your attention to the contour line of a lemon or a grape leaf: this could be the territory Collin is working in. 

Juliet Jespers (b. 2002) infuses her art with a fresh attitude, constantly exploring new horizons to avoid stagnation. The energy and motifs in her work emanate something emotional without being able to put your finger on it. As she moves into abstract work, she discovers the essence of painting and the art of knowing when to stop.
Jesper's art captures elusive narratives and untold stories, inviting the viewer to interpret and engage with their own emotions. Her oil paintings reflect a vibrant rhythm imbued with a naivety that resonates on a profound level.

Thibeau Scarcériaux (b. 1997) is a Belgium-based artist and designer who has a diverse but consistently impressive practice. He graduated from furniture design at Thomas More, where he honed his skills in the field and developed a unique aesthetic. In addition to his studies in furniture design, Scarcériaux also has a background in industrial design, which has contributed to his diverse body of work. His work is known for its use of unusual materials and its sculptural and monumental qualities. He has a talent for taking mundane or everyday objects and transforming them into something extraordinary, often with a focus on form and function. His attention to detail and innovative approach to design sets him apart from other artists and designers, and has earned him a reputation for creating truly unique and memorable pieces. The objects he creates often flow between art and functionality, blurring the lines between the two and challenging the viewer’s expectations.

Includes works by:


Nienke Baeckelandt, Filip Collin, Jan De Bondt, Jean Dewasne, Jean Dubois, Wouter Hoste, Juliet Jespers, Allen Jones, Pol Mara, Ugo La Pietra, Thibeau Scarcériaux, Nanny Still, Guy Vandenbranden, Paul Van Hoeydonck, Mark Verstockt, Jean-Pierre Yvaral

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