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Yoon Shun, Hold on tight before it falls, 2024 (three versions)
Yoon Shun, Hold on tight before it falls, 2024

Hold on tight before it falls (2024)
a multiple by Yoon Shun

Yoon Shun (South Korea, °1994) is known for his intricate sculptural works that explore the relationship between functional contexts and abstract narratives within objects. ‘Hold on tight before it falls’ (2024) is the second instalment in Yoon Shun's year-long series of twelve wooden sculptures. Shun posits that within each of us is a bird that embodies our deepest desires. Whenever the bird descends to earth, we must seize it and imagine the moment when it will rise again. This piece is meticulously hand-carved from platan and is available in three colours: Mahogany, Natural and Saffron. It is limited to 20 pieces.


Yoon Shun (KR) is dedicated to exploring the intricate relationship between functional context and abstract narrative within objects. He seeks the beauty hidden beneath the surface, infusing his creations with meticulous attention to detail, subtlety and patience. His sculptural process balances rationality and sensibility, subtlety and brutalism, allowing him to navigate the creative journey thoughtfully and contemplatively.

- Material: Plane wood, water-based pigment, tung oil, hand carving

- Dimensions: 32 x 30 x 14cm

- Colour: Mahogany, Saffran, Natural

- Edition: 20

- Hanging system included

- Price: 690 EUR

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