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ZEIT proudly presents: 

I've been thinking (2023)
a multiple by Filip Cleynen

Adhesive foil, edition of 20

Presented as a Snellen chart, usually used to measure visual acuity, the block letters are mirrored vinyl stickers on the window pane, playing with both transparency and reflection. The work questions our perception of the known when it’s presented with new meaning (content) and the blurry line between our thoughts and emotions, that we have a hard time distinguishing in our daily lives, but that are crucial to recognizing when it comes to describing our inner world. What is it I really see?

Every item comes with a printed sheet, numbered and hand-signed by the artist.

Price: 250 euros


For enquiries please contact us on or +32 496 877 778

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Filip Cleynen, I've been thinking, 2023
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